Random Select
Press Up + Start on Liu Kang (For Player One)
and on Reptile (For Player Two).

Play Pong
The 250th two-player game will unlock a session of the arcade classic Pong
with Mortal Kombat II sound effects.

Stage Fatality Extras

Dead Pool: Hold down on the joystick after knocking your opponent into
the acid to hear "Oh Maw".

Kombat Tomb: Hold down on both joysticks immediately after knocking your
opponent into the spikes and he will gradually slide down them.

Disabling Throws
Press and hold D + HP for both players before the match starts to disable throwing.

Top Players
Press Down while the "Midway Presents..." screen to see the top players list.

Secret Messages
These messages randomly appear after beating the game. They basically
serve no purpose, only to fuel the rumors and keep the fans pumping in the quarters.

Who Is Smoke?
Where Is Sonya?
Who Is Jade?
Where Is Kano?
Where Is Goro?
Ceamr Odse Nto Exits (Ermac Does Not Exist)
Emro Batmok Ot Meok (More Kombat To Kome)
Sruep Ghih Miptac (Super High Impact)
Three Rae On Stniiiaamel (There Are No Animalities)

Shang Tsung's secret 3rd fatality
Hold Low Punch for 30 seconds and release one step away
from opponent upon the Finish Him/Her prompt. Shang Tsung
will transform into the monsterous and hulking Kintaro to
finish the fight. He is the only fighter in the game
to have a legitimate 3rd fatality.

Scorpion's "anywhere" toasty
When performing Scorpion's Toasty fatality use this
alternate button input to be able to execute the move
from anywhere on the screen:
Hold Block, D,D,U,U,HP and release Block.
If you're a full screen away from your opponent, the
camera will pan over to the Toasty before the explosion.

Cage's triple head pop
When performing Johnny Cage's head pop fatality (FFDU),
immediately hold Down+LP+LK+BL to perform 3 head pops.
This is a nod to his double head pop glitch which
would sometimes occur in MK1.

Red shadow kick
When performing Johnny Cage's shadow kick special move
there is a very rare chance that it could turn red.
It is also accompanied by a different electrifying or
crackling sound but doesn't take away more damage or
have any different attributes than the normal move.
Some speculate the chances are 1 in a 100 executions
of the move for it to occur. This is probably a nod
to Street Fighter II Ken's fireball glitching red during
the arcade heyday and the MK vs SF rivalry.

The Armory's sliding floors
As Reptile, play through the ladder until you get to
The Armory stage. Perform his head snack fatality with
Back,Back,Down+LP and the floors on the arena will
start to slide across the room. Many thought that this
trick would take them to another secret fight if
other criteria were also met.

Secret game over screen
After letting the Kontinue screen run down to zero, a secret
Game Over screen could prompt the player in a rare occurrence.
The screen features the "Goro's Lair" stage backdrop with a
large red Roman numeral III, seeming to foreshadow the
then-in-production Mortal Kombat 3.

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