A rumored hidden fight. Much like Ermac in MK1, she was thought
to also be a red coding/color glitch for the female ninjas.

Fan concept

Hornbuckle and Torch

In Mortal Kombat II, Hornbuckle is the name fans have given to
the character opposite Torch in the background of the Pit II stage.
Upon closer inspection, it is clear that "Hornbuckle" is nothing more
than a palette swap of the sprite used for Liu Kang in the main game,
wearing pants with a green trim and a green headband rather than
Liu Kang's normally red-colored outfit. The name Hornbuckle comes
from the hints that Jade and Smoke, two secret characters in the game,
would randomly give before matches.

One of Jade's hints was "Hornbuckle Who?". This was a reference to
someone named Leanne Hornbuckle who appeared in the credits for
Mortal Kombat II. However, fans interpreted this as the name of the
character in the background. The character in the background
of the Pit II stage was later added to Blaze's storyline, presumed
to be one of the "holy men" who captured and forced him to guard
Onaga's egg. Hornbuckle appears in Shaolin Monks during the fifth
quest given by Smoke. The Pit II area shows Hornbuckle and Blaze
sparring in the background. Due to Hornbuckle's outfit being a
palette swap of Liu Kang's it is believed that he is related to him;
in fact, Ed Boon once referred to the character as Liu Kang.

A letter from EGM claiming to have discovered hornbuckle:

Concept fake


Emerald was rumored to be another green tinted female ninja.
This excerpt was taken from the April 1994 issue of GameInformer:

Red Robin

Rumors of another red ninja besides Ermac were coming around
in the Mortal Kombat II Official Player's Guide by
Infotainment World, published in February 1995.

Stan Looth

Shao Kahn's own janitor, granted eternal life so he could clean up
the Mortal Kombat arenas. Here is the interview from
Videogames Magazine, November 1995.

Additional rumors

- Shang Tsung Kano and Sonya transformations
- Ermac as a real character like Reptile
- Secret subboss called Watchdog (in audits)

Sub Zero's polar bear animality

Pre-animality, I remember this rumor spreading across arcades
like wildfire as Sub Zero's secret 3rd fatality. It can
very well be the inspiration for animalities or even MK3
Sub Zero's polar bear finisher altogether. A concept:

Source: Mortal Kombat Wiki

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