Fight Smoke

Fight until you get to the Portal stage and continuously uppercut your opponent
until Dan Forden pops up at the bottom right corner and says "Toasty!".
Once this happens press Down + Start. The player will receive a message,
and then be transported to Goro's Lair to fight with Smoke. This also works
in 2 players. Smoke is excessively fast compared to the other characters.
He has the same fighting stance as Reptile and occasionally peeks out
from behind the trees in the Living Forest stage along with Jade.

Fight Jade

Make your way through the battle plan until you get to the fight slot
right below the question mark. Win 1 round here using only low kicks.
This includes not using block as well. Jade occasionally drops down
during a match and gives clues on how to reach her just as Reptile did
in Mortal Kombat. One of her clues is a reference to the Ermac
rumors from Mortal Kombat. One of the clues Jade leaves is her saying
"Chun who?" which is a reference to Street Fighter's Chun-Li,
a fighter known for her incredible strength in her kicks. This was
a clever hint at how to fight Jade in which the player would have
to defeat the opponent using only low kicks.

Fight Noob Saibot

To invoke this secret fight achieve a 50 win victory streak in
versus mode against a human opponent. You will then be transported
to Goro's Lair to commence battle with him. This fighter's name
is a nod to the game's creators whose last names are combined backwards.

Jade clues

I Am Called Jade
Before The ?
Ermac Who?
I Will Meet You In Goro's Lair
Chun Who?
I Am One Of Three
Restrict Yourself
Alone Is How You Will Find Me
One Day We Will Fight!
Bring On Kano And Sonya!

Smoke clues

I am called Smoke
You can Start finding me
Ermac who?
You can not defeat me
I am one of three
I will meet you in Goro's lair
Mortal Kombat One
Prove yourself

Source: Mortal Kombat Wiki

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